Social Impact

The Message of Jesus Christin Action.

The majority of people in our nation and the world still lives under poverty. At Christ Cathedral, we believe that we are blessed to be a blessing for others. As such, we intentionally and collectively put an effort to bless our community in time of need. Our Social Impact ministry seek to extend God’s hand to help others in need and seek justice in our local and global communities.

We have two initiatives under Social Impact: Community Service Ministry that helps people locally and Atmosphere Impact that helps people globally. Through a range of initiatives and strategic partnerships, we believe that together we can make a difference.

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Local Social Impact

Helping People Locally

Global Social Impact

Helping People Globally

Local Social Impact • Helping People Locally

Community Service Ministry

Our CSM initiatives focus on helping people in our local community who are in need, particularly those within the Jabodetabek area. We provide a wide range of support, including education, health and general care support.

We also have a Job Expo initiative to connect employers with potential employees from within our church community, where employers who are looking to hire may submit a list of their job vacancies and job seekers may submit their CVs to the Community Service Center located on the second floor.

For more information, or if you are a church member who would like to apply for support in any of the areas that we cover, please contact us on +62 812 8800 2413 (WA) or

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• Scholarships / Beasiswa

• Microsoft Office Training

• Job Expo

• Blood Donations / Donor Darah

• Free Health Clinics / Klinik Kesehatan 

• Health Seminars / Seminar Kesehatan

• Food and Essentials Distribution / Baksos

• Elderly Widows Financial Support / Santunan Janda

• Natural Disaster Appeals

Volunteer Opportunities

We also have a number of volunteer opportunities for church members to contribute to our strategic partners, including:

• Teaching Refugee children at NHLC (New Hope Learning Center) in Ruko Alicante, Gading Serpong general education subjects or music.

• Teaching Refugees at NHRM (New Hope Refugee Ministry) in Ruko Alicante, Gading Serpong special skills/crafts/sports.

• Teaching marginalized children on weekends through Second Chance Initiative in Ancol, Jakarta.

Blood donations or donor darah through the Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia) are also held every few months at Christ Cathedral. Please follow @ccmychurch on Instagram or subscribe to our mailing list for regular updates on when the next Blood Donation event will take place.

To join our team of volunteers, or to enquire about opportunities, contact

Current Appeals & Campaigns


Besides health issues, it is inevitable that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) also causes difficulty for many Indonesians in having their daily necessities and other anticipatory needs fulfilled. In regards to that, the Church invites the whole congregation to participate in helping those who are in need.

Donations can be given in the form of goods or financial aid, as a time like this is a great opportunity for us to be an extension of God’s hand and to become a blessing for others around us.

To donate goods, drop them off at Christ Cathedral Pos 2.

To donate financially, bank transfers can be made to our Helping Hands account, which is as follows:

Bank: BCA
Name: GBI Basilea (CC)
Account No: 6050-517-517

We have also partnered up with, an online nationwide crowdfunding platform in Indonesia for medical or social causes, so you can also make your contributions through our campaign page.

Visit our COVID-19 Relief page for more information.

Global Social Impact • Helping People Globally

Atmosphere Impact

The noble drive to help those in need might come out as abstract in this big and broken world of ours screaming for so many needs to be fulfilled, but it doesn’t have to be. As a local church, we have built partnerships to together outwork the cause of justice.

With a range of initiatives and partnerships, making a difference is no longer a mere notion. Our focus is to implement tangible actions with measurable impacts toward vulnerable groups in our local communities and the world.

Every first week of the month, Atmosphere (@ccatmosphere) and Atmosphere Impact (@atmosphereimpact) hold a week-long initiative called Impact Week to raise awareness and raise funds for a specific global social justice cause that God has put in the hearts of our Pastors and Leaders.

In line with our mission to educate our generation on current global social justice issues, for one whole week @atmosphereimpact will post various infographics, stories and videos to enlighten us on a specific cause, and invite us to raise funds for the cause.

Updates will be posted regularly on @atmosphereimpact. Follow us on Instagram and visit our website for more information.


Make An Impact

You can contribute and make an impact by raising awareness through sharing our posts on social media, or by raising funds for the cause through the methods below:

Local Transfer (within Indonesia)

Bank: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Name: GBI Basilea
Account No: 6050-517-517

Note: Please insert a unique number (number 2) as the last digit of your donation amount.

International Transfer (from Overseas)

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Funds raised throughout Rohingya Week (August 2020) will be distributed to UNHCR and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (Aceh).