Community Service Ministry

A Helping HandIn Time Of Need.

The majority of people in our nation still lives under poverty. At Christ Cathedral, we believe that we are blessed to be a blessing for others. As such, we intentionally and collectively put an effort to bless our community in time of need. Through a range of initiatives and strategic partnerships, we seek to extend God’s hand to help others in need.

Our community services initiatives include, amongst others, orphanage ministry, donations, blood donations, rural area visitations, and the offering of scholarship programs for students in need.

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Second Chance Initiative

Our partner Second Chance Initiative is a non-profit organization focusing on education and sustainable communities.

Our mission is to equip the next generation to be future leaders with opportunities and resources, build sustainable communities by establishing relationships with multiple stakeholders, raise awareness to the public of the plight of the poor and moving them to action, and partner with local churches, schools, and other like-minded organizations to impact bigger for the work of justice.

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Everyone deserves a second chance.

Red Cross

Our church are also partners with a number of other non-profit organisations, like the Tangerang Red Cross (PMI Kota Tangerang), that holds blood donor events with us every month.

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