“Those who are planted in the house of the Lord
shall flourish in the courts of our God.”
Psalm 92:13

SHE Conference is an annual sisterhood gathering to celebrate and empower all women, from a place of understanding our womanhood in the identity of who God has created us to be. Join us at SHE Conference 2020 on March 28, 2020, as we ACTIVATE and UNLOCK the full potential of women in Christ. So that we will FLOURISH!

To flourish means to thrive, to grow well. To flourish in life is not only a right that we as women of God deserve, but also a responsibility trusted to us to accomplish our Godly purpose.

As daughters of God, women are designed to bloom and reflect His beauty in this watching world. Like a flower, in order for its buds to bloom, a woman must flourish in its entirety. From the roots, and inside out.

With a variety of masterclasses—from prayer life, relationships, serving, mental and physical health, beauty, baking, entertainment, entrepreneurship, parenting, to styling—explore and develop your God-given potential in every aspect of a woman’s life; including what might seem mundane, but is just the right position set for us to FLOURISH.

Bring your mother, grandmother, sisters and friends to worship together and discover the passion and purpose of our womanhood in Christ. See you at SHE Conference 2020!



SEED: Cultivate the inner you

#SECRETPLACE: Enrich your prayer life

#SPECIALPARENTS: Special needs parenting guidance

#COUPLEGOALS: Building healthy relationships

#WONDERWOMEN: Serving with gladness

#THEBATTLEINYOURMIND: Managing anxiety and depression

#KEEPKALM: Why mental wellbeing matters

BLOOM: Create something out of you

#BAKEWITHLOVE: Learn the basics of baking

#GETREADYWITHME: Beauty advice for daily looks

#GIRLBOSS: Women entrepreneurship

#BEYOUTIFUL: Styling for confidence boost

#MUSICINME: Develop music in children

#FITLIFEFITMEE: Hacks to a healthy lifestyle