Pastoral Care

In a big congregation, there is a possibility for one to be easily overlooked. As a church, we do not want that, because we believe every individual matters. We believe that it is necessary for people to not only come to church, but also for every aspect of their life to be supported in Godly ways. That is the essence of Pastoral Care. Beyond the four walls of the church building, and in the ups and downs of your life, our Pastoral Care team is always ready to assist you.

Our Pastoral Care Directors, Pastors Andry Montolalu and Cindy Montolalu, lead our group of amazing Pastoral Care staff who are always ready and willing to provide emotional and spiritual support for our church members through a range of Pastoral Care services, including counselling, visitations, and prayer support.

Our list of services are listed below. You can register for any services that you need at the counter in the main lobby or contact us on or +62 811 9235 180 (WhatsApp), and we will be more than happy to help you.

Our Services

One of the role of Pastoral Care is providing Christ-centred counselling to individuals who are facing various issues including: anxiety, depression, relationships, parenting, grief and loss, and other inner personal struggles. If you want more information on receiving church counselling, please call +62 811 9235 180 or e-mail:

We are fully aware of the importance of the health of the congregation, and so we believe that it is pivotal to know each individual’s wellbeing. Hence, our Pastoral Care team does hospital and house visitation to members of the congregation. We would visit and pray for those who may have been unable to come to church due to disability or sickness.

We also believe that everything that we have is a blessing from God. So, we do visitation services to express our gratitude of the goodness of God that occurs in the lives of our church members, such as; new workplace, new career, or new house.

Our Pastoral Care offers services in marriage. In Pastoral Care, we provide premarital counselling which exists to prepare engaged couples for a lifelong commitment to each other. Through premarital class, they will get insights on how to build their future marriage on biblical principles. Pastoral Care ensures that the engaged couple has the right foundation and is ready for their marriage to be officiated by the pastoral team later on their wedding day.

You can register for premarital class by filling the forms for both the bride and groom at the counter, before or after the service. Please note that you have to become a part of the church congregation for at least 1 year. You can only register 6 months prior to your wedding date the latest.

Our Pastoral Care team centres on the wellbeing of the family, and we realise how hard it is to lose a loved one. Our Pastoral Care team also ministers to the grieving family. Our ministry takes form in visiting the funeral, having the service at the funeral, as well as in the cemetery.