We Are The Church

The Church has never been about the building. The church is us, God’s people. As the Body of Christ, we are called not to just gather, but also to scatter. Wherever we are, we can worship Him, serve Him, be in sync with Him, and be a blessing to others.

Let us welcome this opportunity to hold services in a brand new way, a way to reach souls like never before—in homes, in the car, in the grip of a hand. Make sure to stay connected as a community and keep spreading the word about this good news!

For announcements on changes relating to all Church events and useful resources relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, click here.

How to Attend our Online Services

Come join our Online Sunday service with 5 easy steps:

Secure a place and get ready to delight in His presence.

Find someplace comfortable: gather with your family or alone in your room.

Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.

On your device, open YouTube and search for ccmychurch.

Let’s praise Him unashamed, and let Him unwind us.

Our King deserves to be lifted high!

Attending church online shouldn’t stop you from giving your best to God. The best thing is, you can do it with only a few clicks and taps away!

Our Bank Account details are as follows:

KCU Kebayoran Baru
Acc: 0703-150-150


Cabang Melawai
Acc: 8000-9112-0400

Rejuvenate and listen to the Word of God.

With all these chaos happening around us, it is important to realign our vision with the Almighty God.

Last Tip: Come expecting.

The Spirit moves, the Spirit speaks.
Even if we’re distancing physically, we’re united spiritually.

See you Sunday!

COVID-19 Relief

The Church invites everyone to participate in helping those who are in need during this difficult time.

Donations will be distributed through our CSM (Community Service Ministry) internally to congregation members in need, and also through CC Helping Hands externally as an outreach to those beyond the church walls.