What Is Empowered: Pray + Word?

Empowered: Pray + Word is a discipleship class where we will learn how to build a stronger, deeper and a more intimate relationship with God through prayer and reading His Word. 

Classes are held on Sundays at 1 PM and will run for 8 weeks – divided into 4 weeks of Empowered: Pray and 4 weeks of Empowered: Word.

In the first 4 weeks, will learn about the basics of prayer. We will learn deeper about to whom we pray, why we have to pray, how to pray, and what does it mean to hear the voice of God and worship.

In the final 4 weeks, we will be empowered to learn about how we can read the Bible more effectively and to dissect the Bible theologically and apologetically.

Due to the pandemic, all classes are being held online via Zoom.

Click here to learn more about our other discipleship classes in The Journey. If you have any questions or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact our team on info@ccmychurch.com or through WhatsApp on +62-813-1060-2060.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bahasa Indonesia

Bisa, namun anda baru dinyatakan lulus ketika mengikuti minimal 2 sesi dari masing-masing bagian (2 sesi dari kelas Empowered: Pray dan 2 sesi dari kelas Empowered: Word).

Gereja belum menyediakan kelas tambahan secara formal untuk sesi Empowered: Pray + Word. Tetapi tim penggembalaan bersedia untuk melayani anda dan menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang anda miliki di luar kelas.


You can, but you will only be considered to have completed the course if you attend at least 2 sessions from each class (2 sessions from Empowered: Pray and 2 sessions from Empowered: Word).

The Church does not have Empowered: Pray + Word classes for individuals.  However, our pastoral team are willing to serve you and answer all of your questions outside of class.

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