Performing Arts & Worship

Touching Heaven,Changing Earth.

Our church mission is to save, change, and empower people to impact every sphere of life. Our Sunday worship experience plays a vital role in fulfilling the church mission as our services provide people with an opportunity to connect with God in a relevant and practical way.

The worship team helps create a ‘heavenly atmosphere’ that prepares people’s hearts to receive the Word of God. Serving on this team provides you with an opportunity to use your musical/dance/vocal talent to connect people with God through worship.

The ministry responsibilities of the Worship team range from worship leading, singing, dancing (classic and modern dance), lights, multimedia and even sound engineering.


Our beauty department assists others to present the best of themselves to God when serving Him, inside and out!


Dance like David danced! Every dancer moves with a purpose to express their love of God through movements.


Pouring out the Word into a creative form, our theatre team conveys Godly insights through stories and acts to make it easier to grasp by the congregation.

Worship Team

Our worship team consists of worship leaders, singers and musicians. They create a platform for you to worship Jesus and build the atmosphere to draw you into worshiping God.


A group of people who work together as one body to produce a beautiful harmony to further elevate the worship experience!

Jamming Band

The jamming band doesn’t just perform to entertain. They build a warm ambience to make everyone who enters feel welcome!

Lights & Multimedia

This ministry takes visuals to the next level. Using their creativity, they set the atmosphere and mood with lighting, images, and videos.

Sound Engineering

Sound engineers play a big role throughout the service and are responsible for creating an amazing worship experience for you during services.

Stage Operations

This ministry includes technical support that assures every detail in the service goes smoothly, while still leaving room for God to move in the midst of what’s planned.

Join An Audition

We would love for you to join our team!

All applicants have to complete our Next Steps program in order to be eligible to apply.

After completing Next Steps, some of our ministries under Worship (vocals, dance and music) requires applicants to go through an audition process. To apply and join an audition, contact our Next Steps Program Director.