All kids aged 0 – 11 are welcome! Inspiring, fun, and dynamic – Atmosphere Kids programs are designed to support spiritual and character developments of your children, thus helping parents to develop their kids abilities and confidence.


New to Atmosphere Kids?

We implement a strict check-in system to ensure the safety of all children under our care, so all children attending Atmosphere Kids have to be registered in our system. If you’re new to Christ Cathedral or if you child has never registered for our check-in system, you can register your child on Sunday at our Registration Desk right outside the Atmosphere Kids Hall entrance, or you can register now by clicking here or on the button below!


Kids who know God intimately, love Him passionately and serve Him with all their hearts.


We’re looking for volunteers who love God, children and the church to be part of our Dream Team! Ministries within Atmosphere Kids include:

1. Check-In Officer
2. Storyteller
3. Praise and Worship Team
4. Small Group Leader

Other ministries are available. Please contact for more information!


Atmosphere Kids are available during all of our Sunday services at the following times:

8AM     |     11AM     |     5PM


1. Nursery (0-2 years)
2. Playgroup (3-4 years)
3. Kindy (4-5 years)
4. Elementary (6-12 years)